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Okay so I really want to go through my idea of a minimalist wardobe, so we shall start from the ground up. Shoes.

I really cannot imagine needing more than a couple of pairs of shoes, but when I start to think about it, I feel like I think I need more than I should, if that makes sense. We will start with the list and talk about them:

  1. Black Pumps
  2. Black Flats (Ballet Flats for me)
  3. Black Boots
  4. Black Sandals (Dressy)
  5. Black Sandals (Casual)
  6. Flip Flops (Any color..buy why not black?)
  7. Athletic/gym shoes

If you notice a trend, they are all black. I reduced to a base color of black about six months ago, gave away or sold all of my brown shoes and accessories and everything that I buy is or matches black (or charcoal grey). I really wanted five pairs of shoes, but do the flip flops really count? I have contemplated getting rid of them, after all that is why I bought the casual black sandals, but it is hard to do. What do you wear to the beach or on a rainy day in the summer? And honestly, they are easier to wear than any other shoes I have. Now, for what shoes I actually have:

  1. Black Pumps (Perfect look, but do not fit well, an expensive bad purchase)
  2. Black and grey pumps (Mary Jane Style, perfect fit but not solid black)
  3. Black Heeled Dress shoes that are not exactly pumps, but fit perfect.
  4. Flat Black Comfortable shoes (not attractive, wear to work)
  5. Black Ankle Boots (Perfect)
  6. Black Peep Toe Slingbacks (Going out shoes, kind of worn out)
  7. Black Dressy Sandals (Perfect)
  8. Black Casual Sandals (Close to Perfect)
  9. Black Vibram Five Fingers KSOs (Athletic Gym Shoes)
  10. Nike Athletic Shoes (hardly worn)
  11. Black Sketchers Shape Ups (trying to get rid of)
  12. Sky High Patent Red peep toe…wait those are only for wear at home 😉
  13. White Flip Flops
  14. Black Flip Flops

And I think that is all of them. This is after I have already weeded through my shoes SEVERAL times. How do I still have 14 pairs of shoes? I mean…13! I need to get rid of 1, possibly 2, 4 (replace with ballet flats), maybe 6 (because I have 7), 10 (because I never wear them and I have 9), 11, and 13 or 14, or maybe both. That would leave 6 or 7 pairs, depending on if I keep 2.

So this brings me to ballet flats. I have two that I am keeping my eye one. Price is not really an issue because I want to wear them for a long time. I should try and sell my pumps that do not fit well maybe? Anyway, take a look at my wish list and let me know what you think!



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Miss E. is entering a professional workplace this fall. She has also lost a bit of weight recently. She is pursuing minimalism, and hopes her wardrobe will follow suite. Unfortunately, through no fault of her own, her wardobe has become something she does not like. Perhaps she has grown in her life, or perhaps she has just been too busy with life to worry about her wardrobe. But whatever the case, her clothes strike her as ill fitting, low quality, too immature, too casual, or just not “her”.

Because E. has limited funds and lots of ideas, she is building her wardrobe online on her Amazon.com wish list. (On an unrelated note, E. is builing other lists as well for items for her office and home and also for her (and her future husbands!) personal use.) She will keep this list updated, hopefully, as she is able to purchase items. Some items will have multiples up, such as the ballet flats she is considering at this very moment, and she hopes to receive comments that will influence her buying choices. One thing E. is doing is trading in her old textbooks, this will give her credit on Amazon.com that she can use to purchase wardrobe items.

Miss E. Smith

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Allow Miss E. Smith to introduce herself. E. is a young woman, who’s exact age shall be unknown, only to be stated is is of legal age.  E. is engaged to be married to the love of her life in the Summer of 2011. E. also plans to start the job of her dreams in the Fall, and needs to build a wardrobe for it. E. is on her way to become a minimalist, and reduce the uneeded items she has collected.

Miss E. is also searching for an apartment, to live in after she marries her love. She will need to decide how she is to decorate it, and what she needs to keep out of it. E. also has two cats, they are her furbabies.